About Us

This is the blog of the software engineers at Football Radar. We like programming, football, and numbers.

We want to be the smartest guys in football. Football Radar is a fast-moving business which has grown to over 100 people in just six years. We want to be the best in the world at understanding football and continue to explore groundbreaking analytical methods. Our software engineers are right at the heart of the action, as our software underpins absolutely everything we do and supports every part of the business.

We have a polyglot and diverse engineering team. Some have a background in start-ups, some in academia, some are refugees from the bureaucracy of finance. Some were drawn in by their love of football, some by the intellectual challenge. We have a handful of specialists, but we’re mostly full-stack generalists. Some have expertise in infrastructure, some in software engineering, some in maths.

We tend to work in small teams. We’re open to change, and we like to base our decisions on the available evidence. Anyone can bring ideas to the table, and the best idea wins. We like to experiment, because that’s how we learn. We try not to be precious about technology: we want to pick the best tool for the job, and we don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

The atmosphere in our team is also really important to us, and our software is a collaborative effort. We try to keep process and bureaucracy to a minimum, and we would rather be coding than in sitting in meetings. We each plan our own time, and work the hours that suit each of us best.